Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia I studied Finance, Government and International Relations and received my B.A from Universidad Externado de Colombia in 2001. I was ready to join the ranks of the Colombian bureaucracy or find a job in the UN and change the world. That didn’t go well. I moved to NYC in 2003 and found a position in a startup managing the supply chain, business analysis, project management and all day to day e-commerce operations. I designed some of their marketing campaign banners too.

I discovered photography at a very early age using with my father’s Minolta. I still feel proud of a photo I took with it of my mother, mid-air, while she was jumping over a small creek. My dad isn’t here anymore and my mom can’t jump, I remember that every time I take a picture: that image is not what is, that image “was”. The moment is gone, it is the past.

I started developing film in High School under the guidance of a beautiful teacher whose name fell into oblivion but whose cool boots will be remembered the rest of my life. I made the switch to digital once in the US and started traveling much more just to watch sunrises in weird places. I studied advanced lighting techniques at the International Center of Photography under the mentorship of Robert Meyer. I have been perfecting my techniques ever since, mostly by trial and error. I love backlight and believe shadows are more important than light. I currently specialize—and enjoy very much—shooting architecture and interiors. 

Prior to becoming a photographer I studied classical guitar in Universidad Javeriana and self taught myself rock-blues guitar. Man I could shred! For over 15 years I thought I could become the next Pepe Romero or Carlos Santana. I even wrote a few songs. That didn’t go well either.

As a polymath wanna-be I also host a Tango practice (named after a rescued dog). I found in Argentine Tango the perfect non celebratory dance, the balance between strength and gentleness, the beat that I glide into, not step into, the punishing violin solo that breaks a heart, the suffocated bandoneon, melancholy you can almost work out to....Dance every tango like it’s the last one, dance it like you she is the love of your life. That tango is right now, that tango is life...

My favorite book of all time is “Les Miserables”, by Victor Hugo. Jean Valjean made me believe there are good men.

The sunshine of my life has four legs and wakes me up with kisses. She is the most beautiful thing in the world.