Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia I studied Finance, Government and International Relations and received my B.A from Universidad Externado de Colombia in 2001. I moved to NYC in 2003 and found a position in a CPG company managing the supply chain, business analysis, and all day to day e-commerce operations.

I discovered photography at a very early age using with my father’s Minolta. I still feel proud of a photo I took with it of my mother, mid-air, while she was jumping over a small creek. My dad isn’t here anymore and my mom can’t jump, I remember that every time I take a picture: that image is not what is, that image “was”. The photo is the past.

I started developing film in High School and I made the switch to digital once in the US. I studied advanced lighting techniques at the International Center of Photography under the mentorship of Robert Meyer. I have been perfecting my techniques ever since, mostly by trial and error. I love backlight and believe shadows are more important than light. I currently specialize—and enjoy very much—shooting architecture and interiors. 

I also studied classical guitar in Universidad Javeriana and self taught myself rock-blues guitar. I’m a disciplined Argentine Tango student (and host a tango practice named after a rescued dog) every Tuesday in Manhattan. I’m specially moved by Mila.